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Thank you for the fast shipping of my wicked tickets. I will definately use OnlineTicketSpot again for all my needs. I recommend this site to everyone who want to buy cheap tickets online!!

By: Angie W



Our Address:1125 Myrtle Ave #B Brooklyn, NY 11206


Please submit your query and we will respond within 24 hours.




1. Is providing 100% guarantee to purchasers? does not only guarantee the tickets but also allow the purchasers to buy their tickets in a safe, reliable and hacker-free environment. Our tickets have 100% guaranteed legitimacy and authenticity.. We exclusively sell the tickets only to registered brokers for prompt delivery to our valued customers.

2. How my Credit Card will be charged?

We try our level best to process our customers’ orders of charging the credit cards right away. But at least 1 business day is needed to charge anyone’s credit card. We charge credit cards of our customers after conformation of all the information provided by them. Also, we do not entertain our customers regarding acceptance of their credit cards over emails. So, you have to visit our website to buy tickets through your credit card.

3. To whom a customer can contact in case of cancellation or rescheduling of an event?

In case date get change for the event. We will inform you first and then we will send your tickets according to new date and location if your event is rescheduled after the completion of you order. You can also make contact to our registered broker who previously executed your order. Broker’s contact information is furnished to every customer during process of ticket purchasing. Services fees of all kinds are non-refundable. Terms button on our website will provide you any further details if needed.

4. What are the service charges on purchasing tickets online?

We feel proud to say that we offer the lower most service charges to our clients on purchasing tickets via internet. These service charges totally depends on price of tickets and reflects the whole cost related to online sales. On the other hand, purchase process includes ticket obtaining and handling as well as shipping costs along with approved ticket price. State and other local taxes are not included in Ticket Prices displayed on the website. But these taxes are applied to customer’s order. All ticket prices are in Dollars (United States) except those which are stated exclusively.

5. What is the delivery mechanism of the tickets?

We usually send tickets to our customers through FedEx. They can find all shipping options as well as prices, which are shown when they check out from our website. a particular instruction box will appear when you checked out of the site. You only have to make a note that at which event you would like to pick up your tickets. In some cases, we are unable to FedEx your tickets because of time shortage. Under "Purchasing Tickets" category, you can find and utilize the directions about last minute purchase and this will surely help you.

6. What does will call mean?

'Will call' is a particular window of box office, which keeps hold of pre-orders of tickets separate from usual point-of-sale ticket orders. This window belongs to box office section related to special event venues. Clients can pick their pre-purchased tickets on the same day of event through ‘will call’ window

7. Seat numbers are not listed, why?

Seat numbers are not listed because we are restricted by registered brokers to show the accurate seat numbers. We are only provided with the information including row and section. Despite this restriction, if you still want to go for it then you may get same seats but at more price than normal.

8. Are seats together for an event?

We always offer seats together for any particular event except those which are declared confirmed in ticket description list. Some seats are successively adjusted for some specific venues like 4, 6 and 8 may be successive seats for an event. We provide a seat map on our website for your convenience. You may also make a contact to the venue directly to check out seats configuration of the venue.

9. Can you help me in getting tickets for an event right today?

Obviously yes; we are here to facilitate our clients in purchasing tickets for any event of their own choice. is doing this job all the time. All you have to do is fill in the box having special instructions and put the required number in order to reach you at. Our registered broker having valid tickets with them will call you in specified time.

10. How a customer can pay for his/her tickets?

Customers can make payments through American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Visa and MasterCard. We do not accept money orders as well as checks. Moreover, payments through credit cards over emails are also not entertained.

11. What does a GA ticket mean?

‘GA’ stands for General Admission tickets and these are the reserved or non-assigned tickets. In actual, GA tickets can be occupied on first-come and first-get basis or these are standing or seated tickets or combination of both. These kinds of tickets are only for record purposes and do not have a real seating position despite that a consumer has a quoted seat, row and section as well for any General Admission event.

12. What is the policy of on refunds?

All sales on are considered final and none of the handling and shipping charges are refundable. Tickets are such an item, which is non-replaceable/exchangeable, non-refundable and cannot be cancelled even. We do honor the tickets for reorganized date in case if event is delayed and no new tickets are required. In case, an event is cancelled and no other date is announced then you can contact the executing broker for refunding. The purchaser has to return the supplied tickets at his own expense before getting any refunding

13. How tickets can be delivered to the consumer if there is no mailing box and/or checkout page shows no destination on the website?

An instruction box is available on the website, which guides you through how you will get your tickets. All you have to do is making a note that you want to pick the tickets and set the number to reach at. Any of our representatives will make contact or our broker will put your tickets at venue’s Will-Call.

14. What is the price rate of tickets for child and adult? Do I need to purchase a separate ticket for 2 year old kid?

Ticket for a child of any age depends on the rules of that particular venue where you want to take him. There is not particular age limit, which would need to buy a ticket or not. You should contact the venue in order to purchase a ticket for a kid.

15. What should I do if I lost my ticket(s)?

We do not refund the lost tickets as well as damaged and stolen tickets. In any case we don’t issue new ticket for the same event. Always keep your tickets at safe place because heat or direct sunlight may cause damage to them.

16. What should be done if I do not get my tickets during event’s specified time?

We and our brokers tried our level best to ensure the people that they will get their tickets well in time i.e. before an event. For certain venues, immediate shipment of tickets is not possible. If we are unable to provide your tickets well in time then an alternative arrangement remained there so that you can collect them at venue.

17. What do brokers mean by “in hand tickets”?

Some registered brokers may get tickets nearer to the show. These are termed as “In hand tickets” because a broker had them in ready stocks means ready to send.

18. What is the general location of Orchestra and Dress Circle seats?

Orchestra seats are located on ground floor, which has same level as that of stage. Generally, these are the most desirable seats. Dress Circle first tier seats are also called Royal Circle or Mezzanine and are located above the orchestra seats. These are also the most popular seats but seats at the back of Dress Circle are considered as the worse one.

19. What should client do if he provides wrong mailing address or changed his address after order is placed?

We do not deliver the ordered tickets by an individual at different address. So, we make an agreement with companies of credit cards to ship only to the credit card’s billing address, which is used for payment.

20. Can I give you P.O. Box as my billing address?

We use FedEx for shipping the tickets and unfortunately, we do not entertain P.O Boxes as billing address.

21. What is the reason if I am not getting confirmation of my online ordered tickets?

Ticket’s confirmation is not entertained; probably due to wrong mailing address. In this case you have to contact us and submit your full name, order date and the event. After getting this information, we will confirm you after checking whether your order is received or sill pending.

22. Can I get tickets for two or more different events or same event but on different dates together to avoid double charges of shipping?

Unfortunately, we are not offering this facility to our valued customers because tickets are held by different brokers. We are not authorized to merge those orders.

23. How people can contact you for any query?

We are available 24*7. You can contact us at

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